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Vonn Frais was created in 2011, in the garage of mother daughter duo Vicki Shaw and Nicole Goode.  Vicki wanted to create a space where they could connect and enjoy each other.  She also noticed at the time there was a lack of uniqueness in the jewelry world.  Coming from an architectural background, Nicole was able to bring abstract shapes, materials, etc. into the creative process, but there was still a lack.  The foundation of faith and belief hadn’t been set and so though the creations were beautiful there was no purpose for the business at the time.

Today, Vonn Frais, is more refined but still brings the uniqueness of shapes and materials together to create the pieces you currently see.  These designs are solely based on elements of faith.  Both Vicki and Nicole believe that God has given each of us a story to tell.  These stories bring us closer together as people.  You will see stories of faith, hope and love being shown by the layering and structuring of materials in the design of the jewelry. The phrases used on the apparel give a daily reminder of who you were created to be.  Finally, the weekly blog posts allow a space for looking within and allowing God to move in and through you whether it’s by way of creativity, giving, or spiritual strengthening.

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