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Friday Vibes

Be light. Be salt. Be fresh.

Over the last few years, the Vonn Frais brand has really come into its own. From understanding my role as a wife, becoming a mother (currently baking my second), learning more about purposeful friendships, to, most importantly building and exploring my relationship with God, all of these different life experiences have uniquely shaped myself and in turn the company. It is these defining moments that have welcomed a growth pattern in my life that I have never before experienced, but continue to be grateful for. Vonn Frais' branding strategy was birthed from every triumph and trial encountered.

Our brand is meant to be a catalyst for storytelling in the lives of our customers. The abstractness and layering of materials in the design of the jewelry represent who we were and who we are. The phrase on the apparel represents learning God's truths and purpose for our lives.

This blog will be a transparent look into our stories and how they affect our view of fashion, creativity, and community. We hope you enjoy!

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